Shri Jarimari Temple

At kumbharmath, where slope starts, on right side of the road a small old temple boasts on a hill. In Shravan (August-September) month, on first four Tuesdays, many devotees comes here with ottie (A green colored cloth, green bangles with kumkum) & prays the goddess. On each Tuesday people came from various places to pray the goddess.

This temple has a huge sabhamandap (outer hall) with front entry door & square shaped sanctum with 10 feet height. Sanctum has two doors to enter & exit. The Sabhamandap is constructed just before 30-35 years. All Gavkar(Naik) villagers arranges & handles all the ceremonies in temple.

The legend behind this temple says that, 100 & more years before when a farmer was ploughing his farm, he find a stone cut in three pieces & suddenly a blood came out. he preserve those three pieces at the same location, construct a small dome & started to worship it. After some years, all the villagers started to come & pray for god. They mount an idol of Shri Jarimari in the form of ‘Durga devi’ with a ‘Gada-a weapon’ in one hand & rid on roaring lion. Those three stones are still mounted in front of diety.