Shri sateri temple (Bilwas)

12 Kms away from malvan, in Bilwas is situated on Masure road. An old & huge temple at the bottom side of Bilwas mountain is a great attraction of tourist. Shri Sateri is residency deity of Bilwas. This temple with huge sabhamandap built in 12-13th century. This temple was surrounded with lake water, so it’s called ‘Jalmandir’. But now days, only mud is spread over in the lake.

Legend behind the temple : In old days, Bilwas was a part of Masure village. A Lake with clean water spread with greenery on its bank. Cattels were come across there to drink water. One day at noon, two buffalos started fighting in lake, suddenly a buffalo struck the anthill present in the lake, & bleeding started from that anthill. When cattle men knew about it, they got surprised & decided to built a temple on anthill. The lots of tourist & devotees come from Maharashtra & even from Kerala, Karnataka to worship & pray the diety.