Wagheshwar temple (Tondawali)

This old temple sits amidst of Tondavali which is 24 Kms away from Malvan. A Shivlingam located in a cave of a big rock. Lots of people comes on each Monday to worship the Shivlingam. The legend behind this says that in old days Tondavali area was completely under the sea. When a sailors threw his net for fishing it get hooked up. Sailor unable to picked up his net so he kept it and came on next day to search. He found a Shivalingam trapped in the net. After some year by the storage of sand, a belt of land formed on the same location. The sailors built a temple over the location with their own contribution. On the back side of temple there was a bushy jungle with wild animals. People says that in old days tigers were coming in the temple but never disturbed any mankind. So the temple is known as Wagheshwar temple. Just beside the temple there is a big rock in which a cave of size 80 Sq ft is carved. Many tourists come in Todavali to visit this religious & beautiful tourist spot.

wageshwar temple